It’s important the people who you wander with down the path of life

Welcome to the application for the 12-month IGNITE masterclass. By now you’ve already attended a WANDER or camping retreat (or are being referred by someone who has)….. so you are well aware of the magic and transformation that is in store.

We want to ensure IGNITE Masterclass participants are committed to a year-long process of self-evolution — and also take seriously the role as support team, cheerleaders and tribe members for fellow sisters who have taken the steps towards life transformation.

Please find a quiet place to reflect. Settle your mind. Put down your phone. Take a few deep breaths. Then, take a few moments to fill in this application. Check yourself at your core for why you feel you could benefit — and also contribute — to this beautiful experiment of holding sacred space and honoring the process of journeying into the unknown…..TOGETHER.

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