Retreating is the ultimate act of self love

It takes great courage to step into an unknown container where you will most definitely emerge out the other side…changed, transformed, uplifted and more yourself than you’ve felt in a long time.

Give yourself the truest gift of time and presence to listen to what you need and desire. To refocus, re-center and come home to YOU.

Oaxaca, Mexico
January 12 to 16, 2022
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Kona, Big Island
March 16 to 20, 2022
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This winter, join in the sisterhood as we explore Mother Nature’s wild rhythms, and our own relationship with her mysterious elements in two magical tropical beach settings that will bring you back into connection with your inner guidance and truth.

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Wilderness Camping Retreat
Wasatch national forest, Utah // july 15 to 17, 2022

$849 per person (until May 30). Includes all food, activities, camping, workshops. Spaces limited to 20 participants.

Wilderness Retreat Main Rate: $849 – until June 30

Gather around the proverbial campfire in our 2-night /3-day outdoor women’s camping retreat designed to Spark Clarity towards finding your purpose. The weekend wilderness adventure weaves together fitness, meditation, cocktails, nutritious meals, art & movement, and curated outdoor time to create a magical space for transformation with other amazing women just like you. Our setting is a lush woodland world of forests, rivers and streams two hours northeast of Park City, UT in the Wasatch National Forest.

What does it mean to Spark Clarity in uncertain times? How do you show up for yourself and your loved ones when faced with challenge? How does focusing on selfcare and heartfelt connection with a squad of soul sisters nourish you and give you hope?

Build your tribe and connect with your inner spirit July 15 to 17 in the wilderness of northeastern Utah along the border with Idaho in the outdoor adventure forests of Wasatch National Forest, with other likeminded women just like you. We explore the duality in contrasting archetypes of the masculine and feminine energies within us all, and take on adventure-oriented activities — how’s fly fishing, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and rock climbing?? — guided by a team of experts in the field. All the while, we’ll look at the role of paradigms, identity and storytelling, and other internal patterns within our inner landscapes, transforming through guided group authentic relating and communication activities designed to take us out of our heads and back into our hearts. Sounds scary and fun? Read on….

Through adventure-fueled outdoor workshops and uplifting shared experiences, you will:

  • Boost your confidence by stepping outside of your comfort zone
  • Get grounded in nature by unplugging from technology and surrounding yourself in a nurturing environment ideal for transformation
  • Connect with your body through yoga and movement
  • Learn NEW skills — how to camp, cook outside, fly fish/cast, mix cocktails (and mocktails!) — and build tribe with a sisterhood of likeminded women who love the outdoors.
  • Forge bonds of friendship with other soul sisters surrounded by the peace and power of the red rock country and clarifying vision of 2022.
You will return feeling rejuvenated, connected with yourself — and other soul sisters….ready to share your BEST self with your loved ones. You deserve a time out for YOU. 

$849 per person (main rate until June 30). Includes all food, activities, camping, workshops. Spaces limited to 20 participants.

This ADVENTURE CAMPING RETREAT is for you if you are:
  • Experiencing intense emotions and moods, and feel faced with uncertainty, overwhelming feelings and anxiety
  • Curious about cultivating mindful, positive connection with community around topics that matter in a safe, supported and non judgmental virtual setting
  • Seeking tools, resources and tips on how to reclaim some empowerment in your life
  • Craving an escape from the day to day monotony, and desire to honor yourself and stoke your personal growth during this difficult time
  • Looking to challenge yourself physically with activities that stretch your limits (fly fishing, rock climbing, hiking, HIIT workouts)
  • Excited to meet other women like you who share an interest in body, mind and spirit through curated group settings that stretch you in fitness, intention setting, self examination, and outdoor activity.
  • Interested, inspired and intrigued to experience a new type of gathering and form friendships with other women who are seeking positive support and encouragement

Fun, food, fitness, friendship = Inner Transformation! ALL INCLUSIVE (MEALS, ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES, WORKSHOPS, FITNESS, HIKES)

$849 per person (main rate until June 30). Includes all food, activities, camping, workshops. Spaces limited to 20 participants. 


Silent summer hikes

Your camping adventure includes:

  • Two nights/three days camping retreat at a group site in the Wasatch National Forest about 2 hours northeast of Park City, UT. Bring your own tent / sleeping pad / sleeping bag.
    **Don’t have camping gear? We can provide for an additional fee (depending upon what you need)
  • Workshops that ignite your body, mind and spirit (Value $750)
  • INCLUDED: Fitness class, guided meditation, craft cocktail classes, women’s circle, intro fly fishing & casting workshop, guided mindful hikes, divine feminine sensuality workshop, somatic movement & creativity workshop, journaling workshop, campfire discussions
  • All healthy meals and snacks (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners)
  • Guided mindful hikes in Wasatch National Forest’s most scenic off-the-beaten-path locations
  • Swag bag full of goodies (worth $200+) from local brands
  • A technology-free zone allowing for personal expansion and soul-quenching transformation.
  • Community. Connection. Celebration.

$849 per person (main rate until June 30). Includes all food, activities, camping, workshops. Spaces limited to 20 participants.

Create lasting relationships, connections and community with a squad of courageous and curious soul sisters. Limited spaces available. $849 ALL INCLUSIVE.


PAST RetreatS
SEDONA, AZ // SEPTEMBER 9 TO 12, 2021 – **LIMITED to 20 participants**

The powerful vortexes of Sedona, Arizona beckon you to plant the seeds of change in a three-night / four-day retreat into the heart of her healing red rock country. Find soulful connection with likeminded women as we are guided by the earth elements and unfold sacred journeys into our own pathways toward transformation.

Our home base is a stunning home in the heart of a quiet Sedona neighborhood, with a large backyard space for tent camping and ultimate connection to Mother Nature’s elements (access to bathroom and rest of house included). Five bedrooms with double occupancy Queen beds provide sanctuary for those seeking four walls and a bed.

Nourishing, mainly plant-based meals fuel our bodies as we stretch our bodies in daily yoga, mindful hikes, learn new tools to transform in creativity-driven workshops, and initiate into local practices of Arizona’s earth rites — grounded in fire, water, earth and wind. We’ll cleanse in a sweat lodge, harness our breath, burn our proverbial baggage in ceremonial fire, connect with the power of the earth, and flow in and with her waters.


Join in the sisterhood as we explore nature’s rhythms and our own relationship with her mysterious elements in the magical setting of Sedona’s healing desert landscape.

Includes six meals (excluding alcohol), guided activities, lodging, workshops. Transportation to retreat not included (we have shared rides from Phoenix – you split gas). Spaces limited to 20 participants.

Our September 2020 Moab wilderness camping retreat was a heartfelt success, and brought together nearly two dozen women from all walks of life to dive into two days of connection, new growth experiences, yoga, amazing food and drink, and the healing setting of Moab’s vibrant desert landscape.

Here what they had to say:

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“This retreat is for everyone — no matter your situation, age, mindset, life experience and more, you will come away a better, more present, grounded human being. The collective energies of the women — all the women — brought it to the next level. Renee is a brilliant, beautiful and a genius organizer and facilitator at these retreats. You will not be disappointed and would recommend this to every woman who wants to love herself wholly and hold nothing back going forward. This is the best weekend I didn’t even know I needed.”

“I came to this weekend retreat without any expectations. I am taking so much home with me. The connections with amazing women, the sessions, the food and drink. All were unexpected. It felt better than “normal.” I am going home with self love and gratitude.”

“This was a much needed experience that allowed me to reconnect to my inner self and feel grounded. I felt a lot of clarity by the end of the retreat. It was a much needed reset.”

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“I haven’t been on a trip/camping with other women-only, especially women I don’t know, since I was in college and I’m reminded after this retreat how important connection is. But more so, connection IN  nature, away from my everyday distractions, with a curated group of badass women! The food, flow and function of the weekend will be remembered and cherished for a long time. Thank you!”

-Moab 2019 participant

“I came to the retreat with an empty soul and a heart split in multiple directions. I’m leaving standing tall on both feet, feeling the spirit of our mother earth. My questions have been answered, my heart has been mended, and fully recharged. I know how important it is to be more respectful of myself and for what I stand. Thank you for the journey!”

-Brooke M.

“The Wild Women Tribe camping retreat was amazing. The energy, lessons, and reflection time with other women was the perfect weekend. The hike in Arches National Park was spectacular. I can’t thank Renee and her team of facilitators enough. I highly recommend this retreat to any woman!”

-Ann O.

“I’ve been to a few Wild Women Tribe WANDERs but the weekend camping retreat is next level: Mindful connection with other women from all over and diverse backgrounds who become fast friends; the food was incredible paired with cocktail making; multiple coaches to create a safe space to look inward from different angles. Renee has really created something amazing.”

-Brittany J.

“Bringing women together to experience new adventures, meet new friends, learn new tricks with cocktails and food, as well as new patterns of thinking….. is magic! The Wild Women Tribe is an amazing connection of talent, thought, adventure and experience that leaves an imprint of positivity, engagement and friendship!”

-Kari K.


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