Expand your body, mind and spirit through a soul-stretching outdoor adventure CAMPING RETREAT in Moab, UT May 14 to 16, 2021 that will “Spark Clarity” and set you on a path to growth and transformation in the comfort and expansiveness of Southern Utah’s wide open red rock landscape.

IMG_20190520_205836_065You are DRAWN towards:

  • Inspiring yourself to find purpose, meaning and passion, but feel stuck or lost
  • Connecting with others who have similar interests, but don’t have the opportunity
  • Getting to know more of Utah’s stunning outdoors, but have a hard time convincing other friends to join in
  • Evolving, growing and expanding, but are afraid to take the first step
  • Discovering more about your relationship to Mother Nature — and yourself

REGISTER TODAY ::  $849 for all outdoor workshops, camping, daily yoga, workshops, nutritious meals and snacks. Give yourself the ultimate gift and dive into transformation!


All-Of-Nutrition-No-Name-High (1)Holistic Nutrition & Meal Planning :: Marysa Cardwell, All of Nutrition
**All nourishing meals and snacks planned and prepped with love by Marysa. Plant based, gluten/dairy free.


Marysa Cardwell MS, RDN, CPT is a masters trained Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Nutrition Therapist, and Personal Trainer whose passion is to help women to heal their relationships with food and their bodies using a holistic mix of nourishing foods, movement, intuitive eating, and body kindness. Her approach is that wellness goals need to be realistic, achievable, and maintainable for the long-term. She will be setting all the nourishing meals and snacks for Spark Clarity 2020 along with her sister, Naomi Cox, a writer, software developer, and most importantly, a food lover with a love for artisan bread making. Marysa will also share her knowledge with us in a workshop on intuitive eating.

KU new head shotNavigating change
 :: Kristen Ulmer, U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Famer

U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame inductee, high-performance facilitator and thought leader Kristen Ulmer has made a career out of harnessing fear. After a 15-year career as the most fearless female athlete who hucked herself off cliffs in pursuit of adrenaline rushes and perfect skiable lines, she turned to Zen practices and published a book, “The Art of Fear.”

Facilitating and speaking all over the world, clients include Google founders, Citigroup top brass, Olympic athletes, and the US Air Force. Her revolutionary work has been featured in media including NPR, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, The Megyn Kelly Show, USA Today, Tim Ferriss’s “Tribe of Mentors,” Sports Illustrated, over a hundred podcasts, and many more.

Join Kristen at Spark Clarity 2021 for a deep dive into NAVIGATING CHANGE, and how to access it by choice rather than by chance, whenever you like. This is a life changing experience that affects your abilities as an athlete, enhances your relationships, and advances your career in unmistakable ways, and will open your eyes to the breakthrough role of negative emotions, and what we can do to make friends with them to our own pursuit of growth.


Sunrise yoga / mindfulness :: Kristin Martino (RYT 500)

It was through her mom’s diagnosis with breast cancer that Kristin discovered a way to incorporate eastern medicine, nutrition and mental health practices that would ease the grueling side effects and keep her spirits lifted.

She earned a degree in Public Health and received her certification as a RYT 500. “My core belief when guiding others on their yogic journey is to find breath first, and only move in a way that honors that breath. When we find breath in the body, we find stillness in the mind. And when we find stillness in the mind, we are able to connect with out highest and truest Self. That connection is the true essence and beauty of yoga.”

As the retreat’s resident yogi, Kristin’s deepest desire is to help each and every student feel comfortable, respected and whole-heartedly welcome so they can continue their journey.


Craft cocktail workshops :: Arianna Hone, Woman Crush Wednesday

Our resident mixologist, Arianna Hone’s love affair with craft cocktail bartending began when she lived on Kauai and would get “Pau Hana,” (the Hawaiian term for after-work) drinks. “I loved the abundance of fresh juices, herbs, and shrubs that would go into the drinks, and the precision the bartender had while making them – all while carrying on a conversation.” After two years on Kauai, she moved back to Salt Lake City and was determined to recreate the amazing island hospitality she had grown to love. Since then she has become a finalist in international bartending competitions,  apprenticed under the best names in the industry, and created her own traveling bar event: Women Crush Wednesday, which creates a community for womxn in the bar industry while raising funds for local non-profits focused on helping womxn and marginalized groups. She has worked behind the bar at Tinwell, Post Office Place, Quarters Arcade Bar, and High West, and worked with major brands such as Rabbit Hole Whiskey and Jose Cuervo Tequila.

jill johnson

Creativity workshop :: Jill Johnson, The Paint Mixer

As an art therapist and owner of The Paint Mixer, Jill Johnson utilizes the expressive arts to assist clients in their personal and/or professional journey toward healing, growth, awareness and/or creative spirit. Jill draws upon her diverse background that includes being an athlete for the US Freestyle Ski Team, a birth/postpartum doula and women’s rights advocate, hospice/palliative grief and loss counselor, spiritual ceremonies/rites of passage facilitator, outdoor enthusiast, world traveler and writer. Jill’s experience informs and influences her practice….and her verve for life will inspire and entertain you (just wait ’til you hear her signature giggle/snort!)

With her Masters degree in Art Therapy at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BS in Women’s Studies and BS in Communications, (pre-law), Jill works in a holistic fashion, offering a combination of expressive therapies with traditional talk therapy, creative exploration, outdoor and narrative therapies. Her ongoing goal is to provide a safe space to explore and assist clientele in discovering their voice and expressive nature.

She will guide integrative creative art moments throughout that evoke a deep connection to nature around us, and teaches us how to access the CREATIVITY that exists within each of us. 

Fitness in the wild :: Al Hahn, Maven Strong

As the retreat’s resident fitness junkie and mountain enthusiast, and ambassador of Maven Strong, Al has always been active throughout her life. Starting at the young age of five, she was participating in multiple sports such as skiing, softball, soccer, and gymnastics. “Being physically active was naturally a part of who I am as a person. I was able to accomplish becoming a Junior Olympian for downhill skiing at 16 years old, and walk onto a Division 1 Track and Field team (high jump) for the University of Nevada Reno.”

As an instructor at Maven Strong, Al teaches strength, HIIT, and pilates, and in Moab, she’ll be integrating movement and mindfulness in ways that stretch not only our bodies, but our minds and spirits, too. “As I got older I realized that physical fitness is just one part of it all. I have since then dedicated my time to understanding how to give you the experience you deserve when working out. Physically, mentally, and environmentally. I look forward to sweating with you.” 



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