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Expand your body, mind and spirit through a soul-stretching WILDERNESS RETREAT in Moab June 2 to 4 that will “Ignite the Flame Within” and set you on a path to growth and transformation.

You are DRAWN towards:

  • Inspiring yourself to find purpose, meaning and passion, but feel stuck or lost
  • Connecting with others who have similar interests, but don’t have the opportunity
  • Getting to know more of Utah’s stunning outdoors, but have a hard time convincing other friends to join in
  • Evolving, growing and expanding, but are afraid to take the first step
  • Discovering more about your relationship to Mother Nature — and yourself


bitters labCraft Cocktails
:: Andrea Latimer, Bitters Lab

Learn the basics of craft cocktail creation using bitters — an extract made from herbs, roots, barks and botanicals — in baking and mixology. In these interactive & fun workshops you’ll learn the basics of bitters, their use in food and drink, and will get to do some hands-on cocktail creation with the owner of Bitters Lab, Salt Lake City’s first small batch artisan bitters company.

milkhoneyHolistic Nutrition & Meal Planning :: Anne Dorsey, Milk & Honey Wellness (Named Utah’s Best Nutritionist in 2018 by City Weekly)
SATURDAY DINNER | **All meals planned and prepped with love by Anne

096-DorseyGP-reIf you are ready to have a life that feels more like drinking champagne, and less like counting calories, then get ready because I am dedicated to showing you how fun life can be when you finally stop waiting on the weight and start living more in your life! One delicious bite sized step at a time.  

No counting calories or deprivation. Simply a desire to live life full out. Pure and simple.

I believe that every human deserves to feel at ease in their own skin, feel energetic, healthy & alive! I am on a quest to inspire loving self-care rituals & ignite recognition of our individual sacred beauty.

Watch Anne’s magical video (Mother Nature’s cameo comes at 1:30!) >>

Feminine Embodiment :: Casey Aksoy, WildSexyFree


Casey Aksoy is an Orgasmic Embodiment Coach dedicated to the healing and reclamation of women’s bodies, sexual identity, and joy. She works with women on building their self-esteem, confidence, and intuition through deep body connection.

Through her program, “From Numb to Yum,” she helps her clients to liberate their bodies from the bondage of numbness and disconnection, by teaching them how to tune-in and turn-on their bodies, so they may feel pleasure, passion and desire like never before.

Her desire is for her clients to live from a place of sensuality, sexuality and inner glow, allowing them to experience the power of their full self-expression each and every day.

“No one taught us how to love or take care of ourselves from the inside out. I’m here to tell you there’s a better way, one that will allow you to end this cycle and take back your life.”

Stop surviving and start thriving! It’s time for you to tap into the innate wisdom that is your body, reconnect to the genius of your sensuality, and rewrite your story. It’s time to uncover what keeps you from your full self-expression. It’s time to discover the fire that lives within.

Watch Casey’s video here>>

TadasanaLg-01Sunrise Yoga :: Nicole DeBloois, Tadasana Yoga


Nicole moved to Park City 11 years ago from MN when her Utah-raised husband convinced her that a move to the mountains would be a positive thing for their lives.  He was absolutely right.

Living in Utah instilled a love of nature and the outdoors in her, particularly running (including several full and half marathons) and hiking.

“I’ll admit that I was a reluctant yogi. I only began practicing because a runner friend convinced me it would be a good way to ‘loosen up’ after all the miles I was putting on my body,” says Nicole. “When I allowed myself to acknowledge my own truth at the start of my journey as a teacher, I was able to bring myself fully to the training and I discovered from the very first moment I stood up and taught that it gave me a sense of meaning and purpose. My personal vision as a teacher is to imbue a sense in students that yoga is for every BODY and is an incredible vehicle for self-discovery.”

Teaching yoga is her passion, though not her day job.  She is the Director of R&D for a Salt Lake based food manufacturing company. “My interest in the Wild Women Tribe retreat stems from both my love of outdoors and the place I’m at in my life. I’m considering taking a new path in my life and my career and I’m in the process of creating what that vision is. I sense that it may involve yoga, meditation, coaching, cooking and wellness.”  

Watch Nicole’s video here >>

TadasanaLg-01Sunrise Yoga :: Sarah Woodward, Tadasana Yoga

SarahWoodwardSarah grew up outside of Washington, D.C. where she competed as a gymnast for eight years. She discovered the physical and mental benefits of yoga after an injury ended her athletic career and she turned to the practice as part of her rehabilitation.
Sarah recently relocated to Utah to embrace the mountain lifestyle, and became a certified yoga and yoga sculpt instructor through Tadasana Yoga studio in Park City. This training helped her find strength of mind and peace on her mat — not to mention, a beautiful community of yogis. She is eager to share the wealth that yoga has to offer, both in and outside of the studio.
Sarah spends her days working at a local Montessori school and her evenings in the yoga studio or coaching gymnastics. She hopes to continue her trainings as soon as possible and even delve in aerial yoga! Outside of work, Sarah loves to explore Utah’s natural splendors and romp around with her dogs.