Expand your body, mind and spirit through a soul-stretching WILDERNESS RETREAT in Heber, UT September 8 to 10 that will “Nurture your Inner Moon Child” and set you on a path to growth and transformation.

You are DRAWN towards:

  • Inspiring yourself to find purpose, meaning and passion, but feel stuck or lost
  • Connecting with others who have similar interests, but don’t have the opportunity
  • Getting to know more of Utah’s stunning outdoors, but have a hard time convincing other friends to join in
  • Evolving, growing and expanding, but are afraid to take the first step
  • Discovering more about your relationship to Mother Nature — and yourself

REGISTER TODAY :: $525 for all workshops, camping, daily yoga, nutritious meals and snacks. Give yourself the ultimate gift and dive into transformation!

milkhoneyHolistic Nutrition & Meal Planning :: Anne Dorsey, Milk & Honey Wellness (Named Utah’s Best Nutritionist in 2018 by City Weekly)
**All meals planned and prepped with love by Anne

096-DorseyGP-reIf you are ready to have a life that feels more like drinking champagne, and less like counting calories, then get ready because I am dedicated to showing you how fun life can be when you finally stop waiting on the weight and start living more in your life! One delicious bite sized step at a time.

No counting calories or deprivation. Simply a desire to live life full out. Pure and simple. Anne will invite meal prep participation for all meals (no better way to learn nutrition than to dive in with a chef!) and also lead discussions on “how to eat intuitively.”

Watch Anne’s magical video (Mother Nature’s cameo comes at 1:30!) >>

Sound bath + New Moon Circle Ceremony :: Rebecca Holt, Words That Breathe

REBECCA SFlats photoAs a sound healer, poet, teacher, artist and earth medicine practitioner, Salt Lake City-based Rebecca Holt brings a wealth of knowledge in esoteric and spiritual realms to the retreat. Her haunting voice and sound bath ceremonies utilizing singing bowls bring healing and resonance. She will be leading our women’s circles both evenings as we delve into our inner transformations, guided by the theme of emerging from the darkness of the new moon.

Sunrise yoga :: Elisa Slobodow, Peak Power Yoga

Elisa Yoga in the Park (2)Elisa brings a fun, invigorating vinyasa style yoga practice to the retreat with principles of physical therapy, strong alignment, dance and creativity are blended with traditional vinyasa flow yoga. She is accustomed to teaching in her private Park City studio and customizing her clients’ approach to suit their varied fitness levels and needs, helping them achieve practicing the mindfulness, purpose and sense of self that comes from a regular yoga practice.

bitters lab

Craft Cocktails :: Andrea Latimer, Bitters Lab

Learn the basics of craft cocktail creation using bitters — an extract made from herbs, roots, barks and botanicals — in baking and mixology. In these interactive & fun workshops you’ll learn the basics of bitters, their use in food and drink, and will get to do some hands-on cocktail creation with the owner of Bitters Lab, Salt Lake City’s first small batch artisan bitters company.

Mantra writing class :: Alli Harbertson, wordsmith

alli harbertson picJoin journeywoman, storyteller, and writer Alli Harbertson in learning how to  frame prayer as a form of soul dialogue, a chance to find the words to say what you intuitively know and feel, and a tool to check in with oneself and the world spiritually.  Alli presents the magic of words and prayer not in an archaic religious sense, but as a modern day spiritual alignment tool that harnesses the power of attention, intention and gratitude.  What a holy trinity that is!  Through journaling about fundamental soul and character words, and describing visualizations about life, the world and intentions, we’ll learn how to create a personal prayer that will serve as a mantra, touchstone and a template.

Sketching class :: Kindra Fehr, visual artist

kindra fehr photo (2)Tap into your inner creative spirit with visual artist Kindra Fehr as she teaches sketching as a meditation and mindfulness practice with a focus on observation. This also teaches some general drawing and perspective skills, and allows us to connect with a creative form of expression we may not have known existed within.

Numerology :: Jude Robinson, numerologist

Join expert numerologist Jude Robinson in decoding the mystery behind your “life path,” the number which holds meaning for your life’s destiny that is formed by calculating your birth date and name. Jude leads a workshop that teaches the hidden meaning and resonance behind each of the numbers, and empowers you to harness each number’s distinct meaning towards a more powerful future.





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