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DSC_3576Wild Women Tribe empowers women through transformational outdoor experiences and wilderness workshops. The vision? To build a network of female spirits seeking to share growth, brainstorms, energy and positive intentions with other like-minded fierce women in the great outdoors.




Thanks to our generous friends at Mountain Flower Apparel for these sassy caps! These trucker hats are in limited supply — you’ll get one as part of the retreat swag bag — but the only other way is to purchase one for $25 (or an extra donation if you’d like). All proceeds will go to support a woman in need of a financial helping hand to get her to a WANDER or camping retreat. Because the outdoor heals…. and so does the power of sisterhood.  #womensupportingwomen

“This Wild Women Tribe WANDER was a wonderful day spent outside experiencing something new and reflecting on growth and renewal.”

-Shannon C.

56711065_853220631686504_1652506693113741312_n“After moving to Utah – I found it tough to find a community that made me feel as if I belonged. The Wild Women WANDER made that happen for me during an event on “release.” It was a day filled with yoga, hiking, and raw discussions on releasing what was not serving us. I met some amazing woman and it ignited my aspirations to then become a registered yoga teacher! I cannot thank this organization enough for all the hard work that is put into these events and trips. They have the potential to be life changing!”

-Ashley L.

“What an unexpected surprise! I went to learn to snowshoe and ended up having a much needed and introspective experience. Wonderful women,wonderful day!”

-Megan H.

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summer WANDER jordanelleImagine emerging from the woods along a worn trail that leads to a series of natural hot springs. Or arriving in the hush of snow at a secluded yurt bathed in ethereal moonlight.

After some nourishing snacks and refreshments, you are led through a discussion on a universal core challenge that causes you to examine your beliefs, expand, engage and grow. You’re surrounded by other beautiful soul sisters who are united despite differences, across ages and stages, backgrounds and disciplines…..united by the bond of being humans on the journey defined by the beauty of the meandering path, not the destination.

“My sincere gratitude for today! It’s been such a positive interaction with a powerful group of women. Loved the mix of physical activity, outdoor adventure and mind mapping discussion about personal power. Thank you for creating this event and bringing us all together.”


Part girls’ trip. Part inner journey. Part wilderness adventure. All soul…

WALK & WHISKEY WEDNESDAYS :: $50 each or $120 for all three

In this mini summer series, we partner with Park City’s award-winning Alpine Distilling (7132 N. Silver Creek Road) to bring you bite-sized WANDER experiences that get your creative juices flowing. We’ll WANDER outdoors in the surrounding nature that’s right at our fingertips, and connect over locally-crafted spirits and munchies (with sweet treats by High Altitude Bakery), and “makers workshop” where we tap into our playful, creative synergies! These are over 21+ events.

  • June 26 :: Macrame workshop // Gin tasting20190529_074503
    This ain’t your mom’s macrame class — that knotty ’70s hippy hobby has gotten a 21st century hipster reinvention and it’s H-O-T. After a 45-min hike in Silver Summit, we’ll return to the distillery where you’ll sample some of Alpine Distilling’s internationally award-winning gin (highest ranking US. gin and 2nd in the world, passing Hendrick’s gin!!) and learn basic knots to make a macrame hanging plant holder that you’ll take home.
  • July 24 :: Belly dancing workshop  // Whiskey tasting
    Get a core workout in the most fun and flirty way — with a belly dancing class that gets us into our bodies and moving to the music. Our heartrate gets pumping with a 45-min hike followed by a whiskey tasting back at home base at Alpine Distilling. Performer / teacher Megan Sybor shows us the ropes with a belly dancing demo, then gets us hip shakin’ and stepping into our feminine power through movement.
    SOLD OUT!!!
  • August 14 :: Mala bead workshop // Liqueur tasting
    61350385_10102404880292614_1180893411129950208_oUp the ante on your mindfulness practice with a workshop led by yogini and artist Christina Robohm that has you making your own mini mala bead bracelet. A mala is simply a string of beads that are used in a meditation practice. It is a tool to help you count mantras, and acts as a tactile guide as you sit in silence. We’ll hike for 45-min then return to Alpine Distilling for a tasting of some floral liqueurs. Then, we’ll create our own mala bracelets based on intentions inspired by August’s full moon.
    SOLD OUT!!!

You’ll be in and out in less than 2.5 hours with new talents and crafts, connections and warm fuzzies with other women, and ready to start a great evening enjoying some of Park City’s amazing warm weather offerings.

Simple. Outdoors. Connection. Depth. And whiskey….(don’t worry, non alcoholic bevvies also)

5:30 PM to 7:30 PM – Limited spots. First come, first served. Prior reservation needed. Over 21+ event.
$50 each / $120 for all three




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“This experience has been wonderful. I really enjoyed getting outside and being active with an awesome group of women. The workshop and brunch after was inspiring and energizing. I feel mentally and physically recharged.”

-Leslie C. (Park City, UT)


Mark your calendars for three exciting new concepts — one in Pasadena, CA, one in the wilderness of Utah, and a final one in Park City, UT — that bring you in touch with nature, get your heart pumping, and connect you with beautiful women who want to explore deeper concepts and conversations that truly matter. These five-hour journeys allow you to dive deep into connection with other nature-loving ladies, the depth-filled discussion topics — and with yourself, of course.

  • June 17: ONE LIFE YOGA in Pasadena, CA :: Waterfall hike + yoga + FLOW workshop
    eaton canyon fallsJoin our first California WANDER in partnership with One Life Yoga in Pasadena, as we explore facets of “flow.” Allow yourself to wander, reconnect and get grounded in nature on a hike in one of Pasadena’s prettiest canyons. Then step back into your body in an OLY yoga class designed to awaken your senses. This multi-experience journey concludes with a soul-stretching workshop delving into “flow” and expansion over a tasty brunch. Along the way, you’ll meet other like-minded women who connect with the outdoors and nature.
  • July 27:: Nomadic yoga + hike + lunch + FLOW workshop
    NikkiRinckEscape the heat into the mountains with the spirited Nikki Glandon of Oak + Willow Yoga, as we take a nomadic approach to yoga on the trails under the trees and open sky. Our outdoor adventure will include an hour-long hike, yoga class, packed lunch and discussion on tapping into “flow” as we sit amid Mother Nature and connect with her grounding energy. Nikki will lead us through the heart of tapping into “flow” as we relinquish to the majesty and magic of this all-outdoors WANDER. For nature lovers who want to immerse in the outdoors!
  • Aug 24:: Kundalini yoga + hike + brunch + WHOLENESS workshop
    Andrea+Becky+Hanson+teachingRenowned Kundalini yogi and energy healer Andrea Becky Hanson guides us through a transformational journey around “wholeness” as we explore the trails in Park Meadows, Park City. After an hour-long hike, return to Andrea’s home studio for a yoga class, a nutritious light brunch and discussion about the concept of “wholeness.” How do we create abundance in our lives and embody the entirety of our greatness?
8:30 AM to 2:30 PM – Limited spots. First come, first served. Prior reservation needed.
$125 per person.

In these half day excursions, you will:

  • Meet other like-minded women seeking to deepen their understanding of their unique purpose and life journey
  • Experience wilderness adventure in your own backyard
  • Expand your mind and outlook of the world through a guided discussion surrounding a central, universal paradigm, core belief or principal
  • Eat delicious and nutritious locally-prepared brunch and snacks
  • Get a surprise swag bag including goodies (value $200+) from local businesses like Indigo HighwaySync Float Center, LIT Salon Park East, Kodiak Cakes, and The Beau Collective

“What an amazing day with beautiful, strong women. It filled my cup…literally. I was surrounded by beauty (intrinsic and extrinsic) and mindful happiness.”

-Trish S. (South Jordan, UT)

“Inspiring day! So lucky to be included in such a deep and beautiful group of women. Look forward to the next adventure!”

-Sarah B. (Park City, UT)


$125 :: Room for 16 wanderers (per date) – first come, first served.
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  • Cycles: Sometimes life feels like it’s on spin cycle. How do we create a sense of forward momentum and positive action that propels us forward?
  • Intentions: Unleash the power of your mind and setting your sights on dreams and goals. How we can strengthen ourselves through motivation and learn tools to keep our intentions on track.
  • Personal Power: What you see isn’t always what you get. Build your core, lay the foundation of healthy approaches to your spiritual, physical and mental health, and know that true beauty begins from strong roots within.
  • Judgement: What is judgement a cloak for? How does judgement limit our growth and learning how to release it can transform our relationships.
  • Creation: How do we step into our creator selves and harness the energy, vitality and verve that can propel us forward to fulfill our dreams?
  • Vulnerability: Being perceived as “weak” is a detractor for many of us. How being true, real and authentic can actually improve relationships in many realms of our lives.
  • Self worth: How can paying attention to and managing our self perception set us up for success? How do we each manage our self worth and how can our view of ourselves impact our relationships.
  • Community: Being part of a collective feeds our soul. How do we form connections and curate community? Delve into the meaning we find from belonging to a collective whole.
  • Boundaries: Sometimes saying ‘no’ can be a step closer to saying ‘yes.’ How healthy boundaries can set standards for expectations and frame interactions towards a positive outcome.


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Balance. It’s a word that carries so much weight and expectation. As wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and employees, there are countless roles that we juggle on a daily basis, and that we feel a sense of responsibility to execute successfully.

When we think of the word, many of us immediately fall into judgement: “Am I balanced?”, “What can I do to bring more balance?”, or even, “I wish I could have more balance in my life.”

But what if we stepped back and looked at balance as more of an equilibrium of uneven parts, one that shifts, expands, retreats and flows with life as our priorities and needs also transform. It becomes more about surrender to what IS and less about forcing what we think SHOULD be.

Balance needs to be about being gentle with our ever-changing world and reality, and less about judging ourselves for failing to live up to self-imposed expectations.


That word is a loaded one. “Power” implies control. Precision. Accuracy. And assertion. It’s a word that we associate with aggression and force, and also with success, drive and confidence. We grow up in this world striving to attain this illusive emotion and harness it… thinking it will steer the ship through troubled waters. Or …


Forest trees wilderness journeySEND US A NOTE: Have ideas for a WANDER excursion, activity or topic? Are you or do you know a coach or practitioner who would lead an amazing discussion? Or do you just want to say ‘hello’?

There’s no time like the present to spread your wings and soar. That’s why Wild Women Tribe is looking for partnerships and unworn trails in Los AngelesPortland, Seattle and San Francisco. Forward this email to your soul sisters in those locations and pass along your favorite hike, outdoor activity, yoga studio and women-led business doing inspirational things in the female empowerment space. We’d love to connect!

To inquire about group WANDERS — including corporate events, team building, milestone celebrations, wedding party, birthday and bachelorette bashes — drop us a line with some more details on how we can fulfill your wildest, nature-filled dreams.

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