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DSC_3576Wild Women Tribe empowers women through transformational outdoor experiences and wilderness workshops. The vision? To build a network of entrepreneurial female spirits seeking to share growth, brainstorms, energy and positive intentions with other like-minded fierce women in the great outdoors.

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negro bill grass hikeImagine emerging from the woods along a worn trail that leads to a series of natural hot springs. Or arriving in the hush of snow at a secluded yurt bathed in ethereal moonlight.

After some nourishing snacks and refreshments, you are led through a discussion on a universal core challenge that causes you to examine your beliefs, expand, engage and grow. You’re surrounded by other beautiful soul sisters who are united despite differences, across ages and stages, socioeconomic backgrounds and disciplines…..united by the bond of being humans on the journey defined by the beauty of the meandering path, not the destination.

Part girls’ trip. Part inner journey. Part wilderness adventure. All soul…


In this mini summer series, we partner with The Prospect to bring you bite-sized WANDER experiences. We’ll WANDER outdoors in the surrounding nature that’s right at our fingertips, and connect over wine and munchies while mulling over some universal brain scratchers.

You’ll be in and out in less than 2.5 hours, and ready to start a great evening enjoying some of Park City’s amazing warm weather offerings.

Simple. Outdoors. Connection. Depth. And wine….(don’t worry, non alcoholic bevvies also)

5:30 to 7:30 PM – Limited space. First come, first served. Prior reservation needed.

June 20
IMG_4357BUT FIRST….A SELFIE:  Join local lifestyle photography guru Kellie Hatcher on the Lost Prospector Trail for “5 Tips for Better Cell Phone Pics” and learn some quick tricks of the trade from an expert.

Then mix and mingle over wine and munchies as we look into why we’re so obsessed with social media. Healthy or not? What’s your relationship with it? How do we set better boundaries and use it for good (not evil)?

July 18
KU new head shot
A NEW FEAR PARADIGM: Hit the Rail Trail for a run (or walk — choose your own speed) and then dive into the topic of “fear” with big mountain extreme skier, author and coach Kristen Ulmer.

Kristen leads a group discussion that examines how the most successful people in the world deal with fear (Hint: it’s likely something you’ve never considered before). Radically challenge your existing norms about what to do with fear and anxiety – all with wine and munchies on top.
S O L D   O U T !!

August 15
Becca McHaas
CREATOR SELF: Explore the concept of creation with coach Becca McHaas as we walk an easy loop in Round Valley near Quinn’s Junction. We’ll delve into the idea that creation is accessible to us all.

With a very approachable, no nonsense style – fueled by wine and munchies – Becca teaches us how to step into our creator selves and harness the energy, vitality and verve that can propel us forward to fulfill our dreams.

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“What an amazing day with beautiful, strong women. It filled my cup…literally. I was surrounded by beauty (intrinsic and extrinsic) and mindful happiness.”

-Trish S. (South Jordan, UT)


8:30 AM to 1:30 PM – Only 16 spots. First come, first served. Prior reservation needed.

NikkiRinckShed your old patterns… join yoga and fitness instructor Nikki Glandon, and owner of newly minted Oak + Willow Yoga + Wellness Studio, for a picturesque hike around the Jordanelle Reservoir interspersed with H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training) modules along the scenic trail with fantastic views of the water. Then, return to her studio in Park East for yoga release class and trigger point work followed by yummy brunch and a discussion on “release,” and how working through old emotions can allow us to live to our highest potential. We’ll be embodying the theme of release from the inside out!

$125 – Includes hike, H.I.I.T., yoga, trigger point work, brunch, guided discussion, swag bag

In this half day excursion, you will:

  • Meet other like-minded women seeking to deepen their understanding of their unique purpose and life journey
  • Experience wilderness adventure in your own backyard
  • Expand your mind and outlook of the world through a guided discussion surrounding a central, universal paradigm, core belief or principal
  • Eat delicious and nutritious locally-prepared snacks
  • Get a surprise swag bag including goodies (value $200+) from local businesses like Indigo HighwaySync Float Center, LIT Salon Park East, Kodiak Cakes, and The Beau Collective

“It was a wonderful day. Go if you can! Grab your friends – or show up and make new ones!!”

-Anne S. (Park City, UT)

“Inspiring day! So lucky to be included in such a deep and beautiful group of women. Look forward to the next adventure!”

-Sarah B. (Park City, UT)


$125 :: Room for 16 wanderers (per date) – first come, first served. Details here.
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KPCW Radio – “Mountain Life” with Lynn Ware Peek (0:31 min mark)
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  • NOVEMBER: Identity: We are not our jobs, nor are we confined to the roles we wear. How do we create a healthy sense of self-identify?
  • JANUARY: Motivation: What drives us to action? Where does the spark come from to really commit ourselves to change? How to set true intentions to keep on top of our goals.
  • MARCH: Abundance: What if we approached life from the viewpoint of being architects of our own reality? How do we create luck in our lives?
  • MAY: Judgement: What is judgement a cloak for? How does judgement limit our growth and learning how to release it can transform our relationships.
  • JUNE: Creation: How do we step into our creator selves and harness the energy, vitality and verve that can propel us forward to fulfill our dreams?
  • JULY: Vulnerability: Being perceived as “weak” is a detractor for many of us. How being true, real and authentic can actually improve relationships in many realms of our lives.
  • SEPTEMBER: Self worth: How can paying attention to and managing our self perception set us up for success? How do we each manage our self worth and how can our view of ourselves impact our relationships.
    [SAVE THE DATES: Sept. 8 to 10 — Midway New Moon Camping Retreat]
  • NOVEMBER: Community: Being part of a collective feeds our soul. How do we form connections and curate community? Delve into the meaning we find from belonging to a collective whole.
  • JANUARY: Boundaries: Sometimes saying ‘no’ can be a step closer to saying ‘yes.’ How healthy boundaries can set standards for expectations and frame interactions towards a positive outcome.




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Balance. It’s a word that carries so much weight and expectation. As wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and employees, there are countless roles that we juggle on a daily basis, and that we feel a sense of responsibility to execute successfully.

When we think of the word, many of us immediately fall into judgement: “Am I balanced?”, “What can I do to bring more balance?”, or even, “I wish I could have more balance in my life.”

But what if we stepped back and looked at balance as more of an equilibrium of uneven parts, one that shifts, expands, retreats and flows with life as our priorities and needs also transform. It becomes more about surrender to what IS and less about forcing what we think SHOULD be.

Balance needs to be about being gentle with our ever-changing world and reality, and less about judging ourselves for failing to live up to self-imposed expectations.


I learned early on to put on a shell to save face and protect my family’s honor. It was what hardworking immigrants like my parents did. My folks weathered an unhappy marriage but in my young adult years, when I questioned my mother for staying in it, she said simply, “I don’t believe in divorce. …


You know that phrase? “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” Well, that lesson was served up in spades this past weekend when two WANDERS got derailed by 30 MPH gale force winds and white out blizzard conditions that had us abandoning plans to snowshoe to a cozy cabin for an intimate morning of …


Forest trees wilderness journeySEND US A NOTE: Have ideas for a WANDER excursion, activity or topic? Are you or do you know a coach or practitioner who would lead an amazing discussion? Or do you just want to say ‘hello’?

There’s no time like the present to spread your wings and soar. That’s why Wild Women Tribe is looking for partnerships and unworn trails in Portland, Seattle and San Francisco. Forward this email to your soul sisters in those locations and pass along your favorite hike, outdoor activity, yoga studio and women-led business doing inspirational things in the female empowerment space. We’d love to connect!

To inquire about group WANDERS — including corporate events, team building, milestone celebrations, wedding party, birthday and bachelorette bashes — drop us a line with some more details on how we can fulfill your wildest, nature-filled dreams.