Thank you for your interest in exploring the journey inward alongside other women of diverse backgrounds, disciplines, ages and stages in the great outdoors as we explore the concept of “PERSONAL POWER.”


8:30 AM: Meet at Rise Boxing (2720 Rasmussen Rd. Ste A4) located in Jeremy Ranch neighborhood of Park City. Please be prompt as we will be departing on a hike immediately. We will walk to the trailhead from Rise.
9:00 AM: Embark upon our snowy hike.
10:30 AM: Conclude hike and return to RISE Boxing for private class.
11:00 AM: Boxing class with owner MaryGuenn Vellinga.
12:00 PM: Brunch in studio and transition into workshop discussion on “POWER”
1:30/2 PM: Conclude!


What is the minimum age to participate in the WANDERS?
For now, the WANDER age is 21 years and older. We may introduce other WANDERS in the future to include the young adult or teen/tween Wild Woman in your life to share the transformative outdoor experience!

How long is the WANDER?
We will plan on the day excursion to be 5.5 hours but a lot will depend upon the chemistry of the group and the deepness of our interactions/discussions.

How strenuous is the snowshoe hike?
The hike may involve some gentle elevation gain and will be intermediate based. No prior experience is needed in snowshoeing — the concept and celebration of Wild Women is to step into a bit of discomfort by meeting challenges headfirst in the safety of a supportive tribe.

What about snow shoes and poles — I don’t own my own equipment.
Included in the excursion is snowshoe and pole rental through Silver Star Ski & Sport. Please specify when you register that you need a rental.

What level is the boxing? I’ve never done it before.
The boxing class will be beginner and will move at the pace of our group. There is no prior experience and it’s mainly illustrative of the concept of “PERSONAL POWER” and learning how to step into our own strength with dignity and presence.

What should I bring?
Wear comfortable work out clothes and bring running shoes for the RISE Boxing portion. Lots of water will ensure you stay hydrated.

For the snowshoe excursion, plan on your snowshoes going over your winter boots. Wear layers that you can remove if you get heated up — a fleece and a shell are a good idea, as are gloves/mittens, a knit hat and sunglasses (don’t forget sunscreen!) Snow pants are also smart to keep you extremities warm. Bring water and a small snack if you tend to get hungry — we’ll be burning lots of calories! We will also have healthy snacks available to grab between the snowshoeing and boxing.

What’s for brunch?
We will serve dairy free and gluten free homemade brunch. Overnight oatmeal with toppings (dried and fresh fruit, coconut, granola, candied ginger), fresh smoothies with hemp/chia seeds, veggie frittatas, coffee/tea. If you have dietary restrictions, please specify when you register.

What is the cancellation policy?
Wild Women Tribe has a 48-hour cancellation policy. If the spot can be filled with someone from the waitlist, you will receive a full credit towards another WANDER, otherwise will be charged 50 percent of the rate (the other 50 percent will be issued in the form of a credit to a future WANDER). Rebookings from credit must occur within 30 days. Full terms and conditions here.