Hawaii Workshops

Expand your body, mind and spirit through a four nights / five day journey back to Mother Nature at “EARTH & WATER” HAWAII YOGA RETREAT on Kona, Big Island from March 16 to 20, 2022 that will set you on a path to growth and transformation. Let the wildness of the island spirits cleanse and rejuvenate your soul, as you adventure alongside likeminded nature-loving women like YOU in rediscovering your true essence and planting the seeds of change within.

You are DRAWN towards:

  • Inspiring yourself to find purpose, meaning and passion, but feel stuck or lost
  • Connecting with other women who have similar interests, but don’t have the opportunity
  • Getting to explore and adventure outdoors, but have a hard time convincing other friends to join in
  • Experiencing a new culture, language and culinary landscape, but don’t feel equipped to go by yourself
  • Evolving, growing and expanding, but are afraid to take the first step
  • Discovering more about your relationship to Mother Nature — and yourself


  • Daily Kundalini yoga / breathwork / meditation
  • Traditional Hawaiian ‘Aina welcoming ceremony
  • Emotional freedom technique (EMT) tapping
  • Daily self inquiry process journaling
  • Evening sound baths
  • Movement & music workshops
  • Water activation ceremonies: “Presencing” river ceremony; “Water & Tides” ocean ceremony
  • Volcano grounding ceremony



As a practitioner of holistic and energetic healing, Nawaia works intuitively to uncover and release trapped imbalances in the body and mind that–once released–enables your system to heal itself. 

She decided to seek out certification through Dr. Bradley Nelson in the Emotion Code and the Body Code.  “This technique allows me to target my awareness to help clear out what is often overlooked, and to share a high potency kind of love that can break through barriers, uproot disruptive patterns and lay foundations for what you choose to grow in the garden of your heart and mind.”

Nawaia most recently completed an advanced level Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping certification that she’ll be implementing into workshops on the trails as we explore the island and the powerful lessons she has to offer.

AUBREY YEE :: FUTURIST WORKSHOP SERIES “Diving in the deep & planting the seed”

Aubrey Yee is a futurist, systems thinker, and passionate advocate for positive social
transformation in Hawaii, and has led leadership groups through impact training based around principals of inward transformation within oneself primarily as a mechanism for social impact and community change.

Aubrey’s workshop series is a deep dive into alignment and vision with one’s core beliefs over several days and in connection with the guiding forces of the Big Island’s natural elements to take us into the depths of patterns into transformation.

We’ll connect with the soil of Kona’s heartland in establishing a basis for our own excavation of patterns, beliefs and systems, and employ writing and poetry to move through emotions and words to aligning even deeper within our vision and purpose, exploring Kona’s jungle, waterfalls and rivers. Aubrey will lead us into alchemizing the new with somatic processes and ocean release work that calls us back to the source of the island – and ourselves.