Sedona FAQs

Thank you for your interest in joining the three-night / four-day journey inward to ”Becoming Limitless” alongside other women of diverse backgrounds, disciplines, ages and stages in the great outdoor playground of Sedona, AZ.

Retreat Rate:

$2,099 (shared bunk room)
$2,199 (shared King room) **2 spots
$2,299 (shared King master) **2 spots
$2,499 (private King room)**SOLD OUT
$1,799 (tent camping spot). 


SAMPLE TIMELINE – October 6 to 9, 2022 :: Sedona “Becoming Limitless” Retreat

7:00 AM          Sunrise Yoga
8:00 AM          Healthy Breakfast
9:00 AM          Hike
10:00 AM         Workshop “on the go”
11:00 AM
12:00 PM         Lunch
1:00 PM
2:00 PM           Nutritious Snack
3:00 PM           Workshop
4:00 PM            Freetime
5:00 PM            Meal prep
6:00 PM            Dinner
7:30 PM            Cocktail class
8:00 PM           Evening workshop
9:00 PM            Dance party
10:00 PM          Lights out


What is the minimum age to participate in the SEDONA RETREAT?
For now, the retreat age is 21 years and older. We may introduce other retreats in the future to include the young adult or teen/tween Wild Woman in your life to share the transformative outdoor experience!

What sort of precautions will exist in response to COVID-19?
The safety, health and comfort of all participants is of utmost importance — we carefully consider the advice of statewide and national health agencies regarding responses to COVID-19. We will not be implementing mandatory vaccines or mask wearing, however do support participants following their own health precautions that align with their individual needs and comfort levels. “You do you” is the unofficial motto and non-judgement/shame of others’ preferences will be our camp ethics.

Refillable water bottles are a must at the retreat — there are clean springs around Sedona that we’ll be accessing for drinking water! Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be provided.

What if I don’t have a buddy to attend the retreat with?
Rest assured, that is part of the adventure. While some women attend Wild Women Tribe excursions with a friend, the majority are drawn SOLO to the chance to meet new women who enjoy outdoor pursuits, self development and overcoming challenges. Stepping into unknown territory and newness is part of the magical Wild Women Tribe formula — you will be in great hands and feel accomplished that you conquered your fears in the process! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you form bonds of friendship and solidarity with a tribe of newfound, kickass women.

How do I get to Sedona, Arizona?
Sedona is about an hour drive from Flagstaff or two hours drive from Phoenix. From Salt Lake City, it is around 9 hours drive. There are many flights from SLC to either airport in under two hours. We can put you in contact with other women driving from SLC or flying into either airport if you’d like to carpool and share costs!

Plan on arriving at 4 pm on Thurs. Oct. 6 at the home, and checking out by 11 am on Sun. Oct. 9. We will hike once more before heading to the airport for return flights — book yours around 5 pm or later on closing day.

What should I bring?
Desert adventures are all about staying hydrated and protected against the heat and sun. Light, quick-dry fabrics, sun protection, and bathing suits all the way!

For those of you who will be backyard camping to stay close to the earth, it is all “choose your own adventure” style — want a party “tribe” tent? Buddy tent? Solo? It’s up to you. You may also specify if you need us to rent a tent and sleeping pad (**additional fees may apply), but you should plan on bringing your own sleeping bag, pillow, towel, Camelbak hydration pack, headlamp, sun hat, sunglasses, hiking shoes, and yoga mat in addition to active wear to enjoy a few days in the Arizona desert. Weather in early October should be pleasant and warm — expect low 60s at night and upper 80s during the day. You will receive a full packing list a week prior to the retreat.

Think camping isn’t your thing? No need to sacrifice comfort — glamping is our jam for sure. Cushy air mattress, pillows, blankets and rechargeable lights can be a game changer….. and are highly recommended for this Wild Women Tribe retreat. READ UP ON HOW TO “GLAMP” IN STYLE >>

What is the retreat HQ / home base like, and what are the accommodations?
We have a spacious 3,000 sq ft, tri-level five-bedroom, four-bathroom home with a large deck, chef’s kitchen, games room, hot tub and large backyard space in a quiet neighborhood in Sedona, Arizona.

There is one master bedroom with king bed and private bath (for $200 extra per person), two King bedrooms, a room with twin bunk beds, and a bunk room with two full sized bunk beds. Unless you specify a person, you’ll be paired with a roomie.

Please explain the tent camping option. Why would I choose that if I can sleep in a bed?
Wild Women Tribe was founded as a transformative outdoor group connecting women to themselves (and each other) in Mother Nature. Our original retreats were 48-hour camping retreats that allowed full immersion into the wilderness in digital and technology free zones that meant full disconnection from all things internet and social media related.

There is all sorts of scientific evidence pointing to the healing power of “grounding down” and “rewilding” in the outdoors, and the benefits of walking barefoot on the earth.

At our fall retreat, we are offering a hybrid approach for attendees who want to experience the grounding sensation of being on the land of vortexes. There is space outside for 10 women to tent camp onsite and fully connect with the magical energy in Sedona, with access to all of the home’s amenities.

Is there cell phone reception and electricity?
Yes, there is WiFi at the house — if you’ve come on a camping retreat, you know this is a treat! For the sake of our retreat container and ensuring we are all present, we encourage airplane mode or limited texting / social media during retreat program hours. We can still “pretend” we’re out of cell service so that we can experiment with the concept of technology “white out” zones – periods without any screen time – so that we disconnect to reconnect.

How will the meals accommodate dietary restrictions?
The majority of the meals will be gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian (with some meat on the side as add-ons). We take into consideration healthy, nourishing and balanced nutrition meals that will sustain us through our adventuring. The retreat fee includes three breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners, snacks and cocktails. One lunch and one dinner will be offsite and not covered by the retreat fee.

What if I’m drawn to some of the activities, and want to opt out of others?
None of the activities is mandatory! They are a framework for which you are invited to step in. If you want to opt out of a hike and sit by the river (it’s truly a gorgeous setting with the red rock surrounding the house) or catch some extra zzzzz’s instead of sunrise yoga……please girl! Be our guest. YOU DO YOU. You are encouraged and invited to listen to that small, still voice within and honor her wishes and inclinations. Zero judgement, shaming or expectations. Please DO tell someone on a hike or excursion if you plan on leaving early or spending some extra time: safety is crucial so we are all accounted for.

What is the cancellation policy?
Wild Women Tribe has a 48-hour cancellation policy. The retreat has a $350 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. If the retreat is full and the spot can be filled with someone from the waitlist, you will receive a full credit towards another retreat or WANDER, otherwise will be charged 50 percent of the rate (the other 50 percent will be issued in the form of a credit to a future WANDER). Rebookings from credit must occur within 30 days. Full terms and conditions here.


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