New beginnings signify new opportunities. They are an exciting time to start a fresh chapter and set our sights on intentions and goals with renewed focus, energy and excitement.

So why do many of us approach the new year and resolutions with trepidation and sometimes even a defeatist attitude?

Ask yourself the question: “What or who is motivating me?” Many of us answered with something or someone external who drives us to succeed, evolve and become a better version of ourselves. (Or that hot bikini bod we covet so that we can strut our stuff on spring break)

But what if we were motivated by an internal drive that gave us a sense of purpose that was purposeful and true? What if we challenged ourselves to dig deep and find a personal or purposeful reason that is driving you to set a goal.



  1. Set attainable goals – don’t over commit yourself (and set yourself up for failure before you even start).
  2. Be gentle. We can be so self-critical that once we don’t meet our exceedingly high expectations. Stumbling is a normal part of expansion and growth.
  3. Make it fun. No one likes doing chores so if you approach your goal like it’s work, it’ll feel like it. Create a game so it releases dopamine and is pleasure-related rather than stress or anxiety inducing.  
  4. Connect with the “why”. Dig deep to find the reason this goal is important. Will it enhance your health? The life of those around you? Boost your self esteem?
  5. Choose an accountability partner. Motivation loves company so partner up with a friend near or far to share victories and pitfalls (see #2)
  6. Visualize your success. Picture yourself realizing your goal if and when you stay on task.
  7. Reward yourself and celebrate victories. Remember the sticker chart when you were in kindergarten? Yes, like that.

Hello, 2018….. you look absolutely gorgeous!

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