Wilder You :: Michelle Larson

SYNC_MichelleLarsonTell us a bit about yourself and where we might find you:

I co-own SYNC Float Center, which provides flotation therapy to our local athletes and all others in need of mental and physical rest and recovery. I have a degree in Nutrition and have always been interested in helping people feel better and take better care of themselves, whether through food, supplements, or now through focused breaks from our break-neck pace of life. I’m a mom and a wife and always up to learn something new!

Describe something you’re passionate about:

I’m most inspired by seeing something in a new light, with a new perspective. That’s why I love learning. I love the idea that there’s so much more to know than what we think we know at any given moment. Being able to share my knowledge with others and learn from them in return is of endless inspiration to me. I can guarantee any time I see a video of a 90-year old doing yoga or dancing with their friends, I watch it. If you have a story about how you went through something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy and used it to reinvent yourself, I want to hear it. To me, supporting each other through our hardest times and past our expectations of how things “should” be creates so much room to grow and continue to become better versions of ourselves, which is something I want for everyone.

What role does nature play in your life?

Nature is where I take my learning and life experiences to let them sink in and unfold. Without the quiet of nature to reflect, my lessons tend to pass me by, dooming me to relearn them. When I slow down in nature, though, I get the most profound perspective shifts. All the noise stops, and what truly matters comes into focus. Plus if I’m in nature I’m doing something fun! Camping, rafting, hiking, snowboarding, or doing yoga with wild mustangs.

Tell us how you’re “wild” in your own way: 

Ha. Well, I wear what I want, a freedom that brings a smile to my face. But bigger-picture than that, I also don’t let someone tell me I can’t. Changing careers and opening the doors of SYNC at age 37 was met with more than a few statements of, “I can’t believe you‘re brave enough to do that…”. But to me that’s the whole point of life. Do you want to be the same person you were at 15? Do you want to have the same hangups and knee-jerk reactions? I don’t. And I don’t want to be put in a box by anyone, so that’s why I keep learning, reflecting, and reinventing. As Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”
The WILDER YOU series shines a light on wild women in the community who are fun, fierce and fantastic, and igniting the light within in their own unique way. To nominate a woman to be featured, fill in the contact form and write a few reasons why she deserves recognition!

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