Wilder You :: Jen Tutor

Describing who I am is tough because it’s so subjective. Personally, I’m a wife, friend, sister, daughter, aunt, traveler. I also own a Park City lifestyle shop called Indigo Highway with my husband, Dean, and have been a Creative Brand Consultant for 25 years.

Nature + New Experiences + People are what inspire me most.
I’m lucky enough to have people in life who push me, teach me new things and to think outside the box. It’s always been important to me to surround myself with creative, forward thinkers. People who are creating and pushing boundaries – asking tough questions – living outside the norm. People are doing amazing things! Currently, the young women driving the women’s movement, I find incredibly inspiring. It will take this new generation to push us beyond our current norms. On a lighter note, I LOVE watching “Amazing Humans” on YouTube. That shit is epic!

What am I passionate about?
My husband and life partner – Dean. We’ve been lucky enough to spend this journey together. I’m also pretty passionate about travel. I absolutely love the way travel allows you to connect with people in other cultures and begin to see the world through their eyes. It makes impossible to continue your life as you did before that experience and it makes life more beautifully complicated.

JenniferTutor copyWhy is Nature so Important to me?
I feel nature must be important, because it’s a part of us. It’s an amazing experience to give ourselves enough downtime in nature to truly connect with the beautiful things of life. We start to look at things different, closer, deeper, more respectfully. If I’m ever at a roadblock in life, I’ll go out in to nature, with no devices or distractions. I feel this is the best place to really connect with the universe in hopes it will help guide me in the right direction.

How am I wild?
Wild? Me? Not so much. : )  It doesn’t come naturally to me, it’s something I had to discover little by little. As a young woman, I was lucky enough to have a job that took me around the world and this certainly broadened my horizons and made it impossible for my view of the world to ever be the same. Then, I was lucky enough to marry the most wonderful man who continues to push me outside my comfort zones. For instance, on our upcoming adventure, I kind of wanted to go back to Italy or France, to “relax and take it easy.” He suggested we go someplace new, some place we’ve always wanted to go, but for some reason hadn’t – somewhere on our bucket list.

This is a great example of how others can steer us outside our comfort zone, to push boundaries that are, ultimately, so rewarding. I do make the choice to take risks in life, personally and professionally, time and time again. I’m not good with comfort of contentment. I feel if I’m comfortable, I must be doing something wrong. This makes me a little crazy sometimes, but it’s also pushed me to do things I never would’ve imagined as a young girl. I believe this life is an amazing journey and if we are lucky enough to participate with the advantages we have as a society, we have to make the most of it!


The WILDER YOU series shines a light on wild women in the community who are fun, fierce and fantastic, and igniting the light within in their own unique way. To nominate a woman to be featured, fill in the contact form and write a few reasons why she deserves recognition!

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