Wilder You :: Kelle Cobble

Describe yourself:
I am a certified health and wellness coach, and a Strategic Intervention and Life Coach, a mom, wife, yoga instructor, foodie, and sun seeker (to name a few). I’m always up for an adventure, just as comfortable at the beach as in the mountains, and I believe there’s no end to the progression of getting better, and being better. (Kelle is also a co-founder of Bespoke Wellness Project)

What are you passionate about?
I am inspired to my core when people push their limits, move beyond expectations, and strive for their dreams.  That drive to go forward and expand what they thought was possible. To grow, and to be present. My passion is helping people overcome obstacles and uncover their authentic-ness. To help them find the path to their goals, their truth. And to help them feel better in this one body they have. To maybe even learn to love it.

Describe your relationship with nature:
When I am out in nature I feel freedom, get centered and find my breath. The natural world allows me to come back to my center, to feel the feelings that remind me how alive I am, and to remind myself that we only have this exact moment. When I am on a trail and get to choose a path, it reminds me that we are constantly making choices and with a moment’s notice…. we can wander and explore a new direction.

How are you “wild”?
What if we could strip off the mask and show everyone who we really are? Stop playing the game of life and truly live? To not worry so much about what others think, what we should be doing and who we should be.  To get curious, question everything, and break rules.

To live the real me. That is my wild.

The WILDER YOU series shines a light on wild women in the community who are fun, fierce and fantastic, and igniting the light within in their own unique way. To nominate a woman to be featured, fill in the contact form and write a few reasons why she deserves recognition!

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