Wilder You :: Maryguenn Vellinga-Hinz

Describe yourself:
I am a boxer, coach and owner of RISE Boxing, a mother, outdoor adventurer, and artist.  I am full of energy,  always on the go, always pushing, and loving every minute of it.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about breaking through perceived limitations. I have always been drawn to the things that are most challenging and intimidating to me. I am passionate about pushing myself to move out of my comfort zone and pushing my own limits to discover what strength I can develop. I am inspired by those who work through failure and obstacles and keep pushing against all odds. My passion is to inspire others to RISE to their best self by breaking through limitations and constructs, and believing they are limitless.

IMG_9958.jpgDescribe your experiences, relationships and feelings about nature. 
In nature I find myself. I feel small….and then other times I feel larger than life. I discover freedom. I find solace. I feel the connection to the land, to the past, and to humanity. The outdoors is what refuels me, it charges my inner battery, brings me back to my core and to the root of who I am.

I love exploring deep slot canyons, repelling into the unknown and finding my way through remote, wild areas. I love rock climbing, discovering my mental and physical strength on the wall and experiencing nature in a slower, more static way. I love backpacking into remote areas and feeling the attachment to the land and the people who have passed through before me. Nature is what connects us all and also allows us to connect more deeply to our own self.

What does the concept of “wild” evoke in you?
Being wild for me is living a life of my own making. It is pursuing goals and hobbies and dreams that speak to my soul even if it isn’t always a traditional or “safe” path. It is trusting my instinct, reflecting on my core values and core desires and creating a life that allows me to thrive and spread that energy to others.

The WILDER YOU series shines a light on wild women in the community who are fun, fierce and fantastic, and igniting the light within in their own unique way. To nominate a woman to be featured, fill in the contact form and write a few reasons why she deserves recognition!

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