marcus-wallis-471449-unsplashThat word is a loaded one. “Power” implies control. Precision. Accuracy. And assertion. It’s a word that we associate with aggression and force, and also with success, drive and confidence.

We grow up in this world striving to attain this illusive emotion and harness it… thinking it will steer the ship through troubled waters. Or at least indicate our level of competency in navigating the atolls and swells of life as they wash over us.

But sometimes it’s a challenge to see our own light. What about when we give away our power? We can get so wrapped up in the curating, caretaking and balancing of other people’s lives that we are lost without feeling the grounded strength of our own personal POWER. The little voice that whispers, “you’re a brilliant badass” gets shut out amid the din.

Sometimes we forget that being strong means saying “no” even though you feel guilted into saying yes; turning down a fun night out because your soul needs a quiet night in; opting for a sick day to tend to your personal self care (AKA ski day, massage, nap); it’s being gentle with yourself for missing a workout/diet plan/new years resolution.

The concept of “power” — claiming it or giving it away — hits at the very core of our identity, how to ignite our inner power and stand firmly in our own radiant light.

When we slow down, lavish ourselves with self love, and quiet the expectations, din and feelings of obligation (and ensuing resentment)….. we can allow our quiet inner guidance system or personal power to engage. When we do this, we stretch our sails out and can truly skim the waters with the quiet knowing of a vessel firmly attune with her own wind.

How do YOU listen to, step into and allow the emergence of your own personal power?

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