Wilder You :: Becky May

Becky May, physical therapist and sound meditation practitioner

Describe yourself and what you do
I am a Physical Therapist by trade and am passionate to facilitate movement using Pilates to help Clients experience self-healing and ultimately thrive in their dynamic and vibrant lifestyles. I find value in continuing education and taking the time to expand my evolving toolbox (like leading the sound healing at our Feb. 20 WANDER!).

What are you passionate about?
I am an avid volleyball player, retired tap dancer, life-long student of Astrology and a lover of loose-leaf tea. I am energized by Mother Earth’s playground and am quick to seek out live music whenever the opportunity arises. 

What has been a driving force in your life lately?
This past year has revealed the importance of community and supporting our minds, the greatest gift in life. As a Pisces, I am easily influenced by the environment surrounding me and have a deep respect for taking care of my inner world.  

Describe your sound modality. It sounds beautiful and powerful.
I use a wide variety of overtone emitting instruments that take the mind into a transcendental state of consciousness for active, self healing. The experience will vibrate and activate every cell in your body, washing away stress and encouraging rejuvenation throughout your day.

How do you use silence and sound to activate the body’s natural healing?
I understand the benefits of practicing meditation to help ground my energy during these uncertain times.  I am thrilled to be able to share my gift and take you on a journey filled with sound vibrations that relaxes the body, clears the subconscious and facilitates your body’s natural healing systems.

The WILDER YOU series shines a light on wild women in the community who are fun, fierce and fantastic, and igniting the light within in their own unique way. To nominate a woman to be featured, fill in the contact form and write a few reasons why she deserves recognition!

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