Weathering storms:: why turning inward is critical now

“We can weather anything if we stay calm in the eye of the storm.”

~ Lolly Daskal 

Be still. So still you can hear your own heartbeat. That sound. The pulsing of humanity. 

The world is loud right now. It’s the sound of 8 billion souls focused on one singular experience. We are immersed in what may be the single most simultaneous shared experience in history. We feel a cacophony of emotions: fear, anger, uncertainty, anxiety, blame, denial. If it feels weighty, it’s because it is – and those thoughts, worries, fear and anxieties are trickling down collective consciousness into our very minds and hearts.

What can we do when we feel helpless, and at the mercy of circumstances beyond us? We can turn inward and quiet the noise. Weather the storm. Return to our center. Find stillness. Our inner sanctuary. Our knowing. To nourish and feed the life force within. To feel safe, sheltered and comforted – no matter what. In quieting the din and allowing our own essence to return, we can bridge these troubling times in more powerful ways than ever….using love, compassion, respect, forgiveness, patience and grace.

To some, that might mean stepping up your self care practice. It might mean becoming “selfish” and asking for what you truly want/need/desire. Or turning off screen time. Going for a long run outside in Mother Nature. Maybe you begin a routine of mindfulness that involves fueling your body, mind and spirit. Amid the seemingly catastrophic shifts, there are seeds of globalism and unity that are being planted, and that are flourishing in the most inspiring ways.

Look up, and around. And celebrate the ways your fellow humans are stepping up their game and showing up in selfless ways again, and again, and again. Witness the beautiful gestures of compassion, generosity, and community everywhere: strangers offering to run errands for housebound neighbors; local businesses encouraging and promoting each other; quarantined strangers singing from balconies in Italy; free gifting of online services including yoga, meditation, workouts. With stunning reciprocity, acts of kindness, inspiration and generosity are blossoming all around us. Now, model that for yourself, within.

Choose to be a part of the expanding heartbeat of local communities and our planet as we strive for wellbeing, safety and strength together. We have SUCH an opportunity with so much collective focus to impact massive shifts in how we view each other on micro and macro levels. Choose to tune into what you need to feel centered — and be courageous in asking for it.

Find the nugget of joy each day, however small. Seek to nourish and be nourished. Allow the symmetry of this great planet to emerge. And know that within us each exists this kernel of hope, waiting for love and faith to water it into full bloom. Be gentle…..with yourself and with others.


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