Ignite Masterclass

The adventure begins July 2019

2019-01-22-21.28.28.jpg12 months. One connection.

There’s power in belonging. And strength in a collective. Stay accountable in your self growth & continued expansion over the course of an entire year. You’ll be astounded and inspired by the changes you can accomplish with a tribe of women cheering you on and supporting you along the way.

This unique collective merges the convenience of accessible online coaching sessions led by five different facilitators with in-person adventures in the outdoors. When it comes to creating positive momentum and transforming your life, having a support network is necessary.

You’ll benefit from accountability and diverse perspectives, with enough time between monthly sessions to put your practices to work. Your tribe will be there every step of the way: celebrating, adventuring, and supporting your triumphs and transformations.

Stoke the embers & slow burn with us!

IMG_20180305_224445_086It might start as a nagging feeling: isolation, loneliness or being lost. You fight an irritation that scratches beneath the surface of life, which feels rushed, too busy to manage. You find yourself snapping with impatience at your loved ones. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed, like there are not enough hours in the day. Or misunderstood, as if you lack interactions, relationships or conversations that are “real.” You might feel jealous pangs of resentment or even anger towards others who seem to have it “all together.” And you wonder, “Is this it?” or “Is there something greater, more meaningful, a higher purpose?” Oh, girl. We. Hear. You. You’re not alone.

IGNITE Masterclass is for you if you feel:


  • Detached, numb and powerless – a slave to your own life, routine, schedule
  • So busy you don’t have any time for yourself; pulled in different directions
  • Resentful and irritated towards loved ones
  • Exhausted and worn out; low energy
  • Anxiety and bouts of sadness or depression
  • Each day is monotonous and without purpose
  • Shallow and meaningless interactions fill your day
  • You have no drive or passion guiding you
  • Like there is something “more” out there for you
  • A yearning for greater connection and relationships with depth
  • Curiosity in learning
  • An interest in self-love, self-development and growth

Join Wild Women Tribe’s IGNITE MASTERCLASS, a 12-month transformation that brings you back into connection with the most important person and influence in your life: YOU. You will shape your life with active intention and practice. Develop tools and tactics each month that build upon each other towards a positive and transformational sense of purpose. You’ll feel rejuvenated and connected with yourself — and other soul sisters….ready to share your BEST self with your loved ones. You deserve a monthly time out for YOU, and a support system of tribe who will hold you accountable to your goals, dreams and visions.


At the end of the 12 months, you’ll marvel at the self-evolution you will have created in your life. And your friendships with other women, sense of calm, peace, confidence and clarity will astound you. You might not always have the answers, but you will develop tools and tactics to start meaningful conversations, ask for help and support when needed, and feel empowered to bring spark to your life.


IGNITE masterclass is a perfect fit if you are:


    • Seeking a greater purpose for your life and better define what you are meant to do
    • Feeling like there is more your life that needs polish, shine and confidence
    • Going through the motions but don’t have passion or purpose driving you
    • Dealing with FEAR or resistance of any kind – the kind that keeps you stuck, stagnant or immobilized from pursuing things you dream about
    • In any kind of life transition where you could use some extra guidance and good energy
    • Desiring to set goals that stick and learn how to steer your life with positive momentum
    • Ready to release inner blocks and fears and obstacles that keep you from moving forward
    • Excited to connect with other progressive, adventurous women on outdoor adventures and growth oriented, depth filled experiences
    • Looking for varied perspectives, modalities and wisdom from different mentors and life coaches
    • Fascinated with personal growth & development
    • Currently own a business (especially with any aspect of coaching/helping/healing other people in any way)
    • Receptive to learning how to have more faith than fear, and to tune in to your inner (and outer) guidance systems and intuition
    • Willing to be totally honest with yourself, and open to new ideas and ways of seeing things
    • Feeling like life happens to you, not for you
    • If your schedule is busy and you want to take all of this goodness at your own pace and timeline this season

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From strangers to soul sisters


  • The elation of feeling purposeful and in control of your own destiny
  • Peace of mind in having clarity and forward momentum towards positive goals
  • Gratitude of feeling part of a larger collective striving for positive impact and purpose
  • Self love, happiness and appreciation for your gifts, discoveries and unique journey
  • Evolution of your future and ability to trust in your own intuition to guide you
  • Feeling in tune with your creativity and connected to your true self vision and identity
  • Developing an openness and receptive approach to listening to yourself and honoring your inner needs
  • Creating a deeper practice of gratitude and harmony with your loved ones (and yourself)
  • Cultivating a stillness, love and security in yourself
  • Connecting with greater female tribe — a sounding board sisterhood — as you evolve and grow collectively towards a common goal of self love
  • Approaching growth with compassion, trust and freedom
  • Learning the tools and resources to stay on track to achieving your dreams and setting ongoing goals
  • Gaining insight from shared experiences, support and connectivity (and FUN!) with likeminded women who respect, honor and find grounding in nature



There’s power and perspective in diversity. And strength in numbers. Why rush through a process like total life transformation and journey-setting in a few hurried weeks….when you can savor the lessons from a dynamic collective of coaches who each bring unique lessons to the table? From pro athletes to entrepreneurs, these IGNITE masterclass coaches meld different backgrounds, viewpoints and disciplines in one impactful program that slow burns you to the finish line, and solidifies practices into habits.

Renee_MauiRENEE HUANG :: Wild Women Tribe founder

Renee is a mom, writer, communicator, animal lover. She always felt connected to the outdoors, and found her voice post-divorce as an advocate for other women finding theirs through transformative experiences in nature. Renee was named to Utah Business Magazine’s “30 Women To Watch” and hosts IGNITE podcast. She will facilitate monthly Zoom coach calls, and throw fantastic mixers with great food and a side of outdoor adventure.

:: Bespoke Wellness Project

Kelle and Nina help women make room for their needs and approach life with intention and grace. “Women need to be out of overwhelm, nourishing their minds, bodies and souls in some way every day, so they can shine – and then help others shine, too.”

michelle_dufford2MICHELLE DUFFORD :: Create Possibility

Michelle is a goal coach, yogi + dog mama whose purpose is to create space for others to live their best life through goal setting, visioning, and getting. “I am a true believer in possibility + positivity and what you put out into the universe actually will come to you.”


KU new head shot

KRISTEN ULMER :: “The Art of Fear” author, Zen coach

Kristen was known as the world’s best woman big mountain extreme skier for 12 years, most fearless female athlete in North America, and was inducted into the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame in 2019. This combined with 15 years studying Zen and working with thousands of clients, her recent book: “The Art of Fear,” radically challenges existing norms about our fear and anxiety.


MG is a championship boxer whose personal philosophy is to help others fuel a life full of belief that they are capable of anything and that hard work is the road to any success. “Nothing fuels me more than the process of working towards big goals and watching the ‘impossible’ become possible.”

NikkiRinckNIKKI GLANDON :: Oak + Willow Studio

Nikki has been teaching and studying the mind and body for the last 10 years as a Baron Baptiste certified yoga instructor who also holds certificates in integrative nutrition, Chinese medicine, Myofascial release and other fitness modules. “I follow my passion for healing and helping others.”

SUBSCRIBE & RECEIVE:photo-1532969200589-57f1fe57aaab

  • Monthly online group HOUR-LONG workshops led by “Coach of the Month” — a rotation from our roster of amazing facilitators
  • Access to monthly OFFICE HOUR one-on-ones from “Coach of the Month”
  • Two WANDER adventure excursion credits (or camping retreat credit of $250)
  • Invite to two private IGNITE mixers with coaches and classmates

Investment: $194 / month (12 month commitment)
OR $2,222 IF PAID IN FULL FOR THE YEAR (If signed up prior to July 1)

**OPEN TO WILD WOMEN TRIBE WANDER OR RETREAT ALUMNI (or by referral from a past attendee or coach)

No more excuses — or putting yourself on the backburner. You’ll be surprised by how easily you can “Ignite the Flame Within” and transform not only your life, but those around you.

  • Boost your confidence by stepping outside of your comfort zone and challenging yourself through monthly milestones and growth opportunities
  • Learn NEW skills — valuable tools and resources to jump start your pursuit of purpose
  • Gain perspectives and wisdom from a variety of diverse voices and approaches — having multiple coaches means you’re exposed to new and complimentary ways of thinking
  • Get grounded in nature and uplifted by a positive growth platform in a nurturing environment ideal for transformation
  • Connect with your female tribe in monthly online check ins and with one-on-one private coaching sessions
  • Fill your adventure cup with face-to-face WANDER excursions that take you outside and adventuring with other likeminded women like you
  • Tap into your intuition to ignite your powerful female warrior
  • Forge bonds of friendship with other women who are committed to growth, solidarity, community and tribe

Stretch your limits. Move your body. Transform your mind. Build your tribe. Be better together.



“After moving to Utah56711065_853220631686504_1652506693113741312_n – I found it tough to find a community that made me feel as if I belonged. The Wild Women WANDER made that happen for me….I met some amazing woman and it ignited my aspirations to then become a registered yoga teacher! I cannot thank this organization enough for all the hard work that is put into these events and trips. They have the potential to be life changing!”

— Ashley L.

“What an unexpected surprise! I went to learn to snowshoe and ended up having a much needed and introspective experience. Wonderful women,wonderful day!”

— Megan H.

dsc_5415_edit“My sincere gratitude for today! It’s been such a positive interaction with a powerful group of women. Loved the mix of physical activity, outdoor adventure and mind mapping discussion about personal power. Thank you for creating this event and bringing us all together.”

— Courtney B.

“What an amazing day with beautiful, strong women. It filled my cup…literally. I was surrounded by beauty (intrinsic and extrinsic) and mindful happiness.”

— Trish S.


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