20171118_151344Imagine emerging from the woods along a worn trail that leads to a series of natural hot springs. Or arriving in the hush of snow at a secluded yurt bathed in ethereal moonlight.

After some nourishing snacks and refreshments, you are led through a discussion on a universal core challenge that causes you to examine your beliefs, expand, engage and grow. You’re surrounded by other beautiful soul sisters who are united despite differences, across ages and stages, backgrounds and disciplines…..united by the bond of being humans on the journey defined by the beauty of the meandering path, not the destination.

Part girls’ trip. Part inner journey. Part wilderness adventure. All soul…

INTUITION :: Nordic / snowshoe + HIIT fitness + brunch + intuition workshop
Saturday, January 5

8:30 AM to 1:30 PM – Only 16 spots. First come, first served. Prior reservation needed.
Community. Connection. Celebration.

Ring in the new year with a day focused around tapping into your inner guidance system. Choose from a Nordic skiing or snowshoe adventure followed by a HIIT (high intensity interval training) class at The Beau Collective, where team fitness meats F-U-N!

We’ll wrap up with a yummy and delicious brunch, and discussion on listening to our inner self guided by intuitive and psychic healer Deanna Wessman. She’ll help us find a word or phrase to build around an “intention tree” (think vision board but with a focused theme for your year). You’ll be energized, invigorated and inspired to embrace your own “inner intuition!

$125 – Includes group outdoor adventure (please provide your own Nordic/skate skis — specify if you need snowshoes), Beau Collective fitness class, brunch, intuition workshop, swag bag worth $200+

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“What an amazing day with beautiful, strong women. It filled my cup…literally. I was surrounded by beauty (intrinsic and extrinsic) and mindful happiness.”

-Trish S. (South Jordan, UT)

In this half day excursion, you will:

  • Meet other like-minded women seeking to deepen their understanding of their unique purpose and life journey
  • Experience wilderness adventure in your own backyard
  • Expand your mind and outlook of the world through a guided discussion surrounding a central, universal paradigm, core belief or principal
  • Eat delicious and nutritious locally-prepared brunch and snacks
  • Get a surprise swag bag including goodies (value $200+) from local businesses like Indigo HighwaySync Float Center, LIT Salon Park East, Kodiak Cakes, and The Beau Collective

“It was a wonderful day. Go if you can! Grab your friends – or show up and make new ones!!”

-Anne S. (Park City, UT)

“Inspiring day! So lucky to be included in such a deep and beautiful group of women. Look forward to the next adventure!”

-Sarah B. (Park City, UT)


$125 :: Room for 15 wanderers (per date) – first come, first served.
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  • NOVEMBER: Cycles: Sometimes life feels like it’s on spin cycle. How do we create a sense of forward momentum and positive action that propels us forward?
  • JANUARY: Intentions: Unleash the power of your mind and setting your sights on dreams and goals. How we can strengthen ourselves through motivation and learn tools to keep our intentions on track.
  • MARCH: Inside out: What you see isn’t always what you get. Build your core, lay the foundation of healthy approaches to your spiritual, physical and mental health, and know that true beauty begins from strong roots within.
  • MAY: Judgement: What is judgement a cloak for? How does judgement limit our growth and learning how to release it can transform our relationships.
  • JUNE: Creation: How do we step into our creator selves and harness the energy, vitality and verve that can propel us forward to fulfill our dreams?
  • JULY: Vulnerability: Being perceived as “weak” is a detractor for many of us. How being true, real and authentic can actually improve relationships in many realms of our lives.
  • SEPTEMBER: Self worth: How can paying attention to and managing our self perception set us up for success? How do we each manage our self worth and how can our view of ourselves impact our relationships.
  • NOVEMBER: Community: Being part of a collective feeds our soul. How do we form connections and curate community? Delve into the meaning we find from belonging to a collective whole.
  • JANUARY: Boundaries: Sometimes saying ‘no’ can be a step closer to saying ‘yes.’ How healthy boundaries can set standards for expectations and frame interactions towards a positive outcome.


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