Wilder You :: Lizzie Pereira

20181214_lizzy_headshots_mlp_0079-e1558739137769.jpgDescribe yourself and what you do
I’m a yoga teacher/studio manager at One Life Yoga (where we’re co-hosting a June 15 WANDER!), holistic chef, and health writer located in Los Angeles, CA.

What are you passionate about and what inspires you?
My philosophy is rooted in Wholistic Nourishment, meaning that it is my deepest passion to help others feel more embodied and radiant through a deeper connection to themselves and Nature.

I’ve studied holistic nutrition counseling with a deep fervor for creating vibrant vegan cuisine designed for optimal nutrition. I’ve served food to thousands and seek to create the highest vibration of plant-based food so that others can understand that how we feed ourselves is a direct reflection of how we love ourselves. I teach mindful eating workshops and have been involved in countless wellness events over the years that are geared towards women, conscious business brands, environmentalism and mind-body-spirit connection.

My wholistic approach is aimed at fostering a more mindful connection as to what makes us feel whole in body, mind, and spirit. I aim to instigate positive change by making a plant-based diet easily adaptable, accessible and affordable to any who wish to experience the profound healing powers of the Earth and her plants.

My journey also led me to Bali where I studied at the Elemental Yoga School. This Hatha style of yoga is based on how each element operates with us and how Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit make up the energies within our bodies. Harmoniously aligning asana with the magnetic potency of nature, my classes aim at honoring and nurturing the body while reaffirming our connection to the Elements.

With all of this in mind, my intention is to make vibrant living sustainable for people and the planet by cultivating an appreciation for the abundance that Mother Nature provides.

Heather Hotcakes Valentines DayWhy is nature important to you?
To me, nature is the ultimate healer and my most trusted ally. I deeply treasure my time spent in nature and strive to get outside at least once a day. Nothing brings me greater peace and a deeper sense of connection than disconnecting from technology and getting out in the wilderness (whether that be a full weekend camping trip or just a local hike). There is no greater force than that of Mother Nature and the reverence I have for her is powerful.

That being said, all that work that I do is in deep devotion to Nature. The food that I create and feed others is made with ingredients from the Earth. My yoga teachings are based in the Elements – so how Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space all operate within our own bodies and all around us.

What does the word “wild” evoke in you?
Mmm “wild” is such a juicy word to me. I think coming back to my “wild” state means an unlearning of the old paradigms that have prevented me from being my most authentic self, and coming back to a connection to the Earth, her plants, her creatures, and all her wonders. I think many of us have been conditioned from childhood to step away from our divine connection with Nature. The more I connect to myself and go into my own practices, the more I realize the importance of getting into the wild and embracing the magnetic power of Nature with arms wide open. 


The WILDER YOU series shines a light on wild women in the community who are fun, fierce and fantastic, and igniting the light within in their own unique way. To nominate a woman to be featured, fill in the contact form and write a few reasons why she deserves recognition!




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