Look Up: How connection can be the greatest gift

I have always loved Thanksgiving — it’s my favorite holiday. I usually take advantage of being Canadian (where the harvest happens earlier) and celebrate it twice: two times the turkey, communal feasting, and best of all, the gratitude. 

Lately however, I’ve been paying attention to how disconnected we all are. The holiday music started getting piped over loudspeakers when Halloween was barely over. Advertisements for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping sprees were streamed on every device possible. 

Perhaps the biggest tragedies is witnessing people unable to be unoccupied for even mere minutes before “boredom” sets in. Being glued to phones and on social media seems to take precedence over connecting with loved ones. It has moved beyond control into the realm of compulsion. Our dependence upon and addiction to consuming media in the digital space has created this craving and yearning to fill the void: with stuff. We consume. We buy shiny, new, flashy things. We fill up our homes and cars and lives with blinking, smart gadgets. Yet we feel utterly empty inside.

Look Up campaign (1)That’s why this season, Wild Women Tribe is banding together with some of our most loyal community collaborators and leaders on a campaign to LOOK UP. It is a metaphor for operating at our highest consciousness and most loving essence. It signifies raising our sightlines and radiating our hearts open with the love and support that anchors any strong community, family and network. It’s tapping into the most pure vibration of joy, connection and spontaneity that links us together as a human race. 

This holiday season, we challenge you to “LOOK UP” and set aside the distraction, the hurry, the technology, the meaningless pursuit of things that really don’t matter….. and see each other clearly as human beings who seek comfort, connection and community. 

The most important gift you can give ANYONE is the gift of your presence. Your undivided attention. Your genuine interest and interaction. Taking precious moments to SEE someone and validate them is priceless, and what the season for giving is really about.



  1. Give an experience. Know some new parents? Offer to babysit while they spend quality time together. Have younger kids who love hide and seek? Create a scavenger hunt for them around the house hiding smaller presents. Can’t afford to go to Paris? Create a “Paris for the night” experience complete with macaroons, French homecooked dinner, and private screening of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.
  2. Relive the memories. Nothing shows a loved one how much they mean to you than capturing memories that you shared. Write a letter or short story recounting a favorite memory, or print out digital images and present to them in a scrap book.
  3. Make something yummy. The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach…..and pouring your love into a homemade meal or treat is synonymous with nurturing and care. Bonus points if you write the recipe down and share it with them!
  4. Coupons for chores they dislike. Being thoughtful means sometimes you’re willing to complete tasks that your loved one despises, if that means improving their day. Write “IOUs” for dishes, oil changes, cleaning out the garage, running to Costco. It’ll show them you really care enough to “take one for the team.”
  5. Write them a love note. Gestures and actions are great but nothing really beats a good, old fashioned expression of love and admiration. Write down all the qualities, talents, characteristics and quirks that you love most. They will appreciate the love fest and treasure how special you made them feel.
  6. Give back together. Bond over a service project that helps others improve their quality of life or situation. Complete the circle of gratitude by extending some energy, time and effort to those less fortunate. Then thank you lucky stars that you are able to do something positive and proactive to change lives. THAT counts tenfold.


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